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Mesh is proud to offer a full array of services for small, medium, and enterprise-sized companies. We encourage you to review our popular Wireless broadband service which has become an essential technology for today's professionals.

With Always-On™ Internet, there is no need to dial-up, and we've boosted the access speed from the typical 56k. > more

Most business needs are better served with one of our broadband technologies. Providing Wireless, DSL, ISDN, T1, or Frame Relay, we use a fiber-optic line to the internet backbone. Give us some information and we will select the best service for your needs. Or, contact us for pricing and speed packages.

Backed by a highly robust Data Center that we maintain, our hosting plans will provide more than enough features for your corporate presence. We also offer Co-location services if you prefer us to maintain your server at our location. more

All of the answers to your technical or billing questions can be found right here. > more

Mesh•Tech is a comprehensive service for businesses needing on-site technical support. > more

Mesh•Professional is where we really shine as compared with other IT service companies. Our seasoned consultants can ensure your companies IT budget is wisely appropriated and ultimately has a positive impact on the organization's bottom line. > more

Looking to establish your business on the web or need a site re-design? Ask Mesh•Design to walk you through our evaluation and development process. We are confident our team can make you look good and make your business grow. > more
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