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It is important to protect our children in life and the Internet is no different. Below are a few comments and helpful tips as well as links to other helpful sources. You'll also find a few links to programs that can help in your efforts to protect your child.

As the Internet's popularity grows so does its content. There is a lot that's fun, informative and educational but there's also a lot that can prove harmful to our children. Allowing your children to use the Internet while keeping your child from these possibly harmful sites might seem intimidating but it shouldn't be impossible. Proper explanation and supervision should stop most problems, but 24 hour surveillance over our children is impossible. To help you protect your child there are Internet sites and software that can help. Here are a couple of ways to help limit where your children can go on the Internet.

The first way is to steer your children to use only kid friendly sites and search engines. There is usually enough to do at these kid friendly sites to keep your children busy for quite a while. And if you only allow your children the use of the Yahooligans "Internet Search for Kids" on the homepage your children should be kept well away from inappropriate material.

The second way to is to use restricting software that tries to control the sites that can be viewed by the browser. These types of software work in two ways. The first is by analyzing the actual words used in the webpage to see if they're appropriate and the second is by keeping a list of sites not suitable for children. If all these solutions seem problematic, they are. These solutions are note perfect but the utilization of both solutions with a little of your own diligence you can keep your children "virtually" safe. Below are a few links to companies that can explain their own software extensively.

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