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Since 1996, Mesh.net has delivered quality internet solutions primarily to residents and businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our early successes lead to the acquisition of several competitors. Today, we provide end-to-end services including: dial-up internet access; broadband technologies such as Wireless, DSL, T1, ISDN, and Frame Relay; web hosting and co-location; website design; on-site computer and network maintenance; and strategic consulting.

We have gigabit fiber-optic lines one step away from the internet backbone. For our customers, this means high speeds now and enough bandwidth to support your future needs. Support has been the cornerstone of Mesh's reputation, and we are proud to say most of our new customers come from referrals.

Our Broadband customers enjoy a premium service and are provided a backup dial up account in the event of a network failure or when they are not at their primary location.

We invite you to peruse our website, send us feedback, or let us know how we can service your needs.

Our History

  • 2005 - North Central Texas Wireless Broadband, LLC is acquired by Mesh.net including five additional towers expanding the network Powered by Mesh, and a broad customer base to add to our growing Mesh.net family.
  • 2005 - Central Telecom, Inc of Weatherford decides to focus on a different area of their business and Mesh.net agrees to fulfill their commitments to their clients bringing a large number of customers to the Mesh.net family.
  • 2004 - Mesh.net continues investing in our network bringing Wireless to the communities of Willow Park, Hudson Oaks, Weatherford, Aledo, Benbrook, Crowley, West Fort Worth, Strawn, Mingus, Gordon and the surrounding areas.
  • 2003 - Wireless equipment costs continue to decrease enabling a reasonably priced product for our residential market. Mesh.net aggressively pursues locations to provide broadband access to customers that still do not have access to DSL or Cable.
  • 2002 - Graphic Technologies moves their hosting solutions and programmers to the umbrella of Mesh.net.
  • 2002 - Mesh.net incorporates the hosting clients of Short Circuit Technologies into the data center.
  • 2001 - Mesh.net deploys their first WI-FI access to customers that still do not have a broadband solution available to them. Initial cost were prohibitive for our residential customer base but proved both cost effective and reliable when compared to other business solutions. SBC's Project Pronto is shelved and our focus is re-directed at developing alternative solutions for our customers.
  • 1999 - Mesh.net is approached by Southwestern Bell to participate in deploying a new technology, DSL. Mesh.net constructs a data center provisioning it with fibre optic cabling, underground utilities, redundant air conditioning units and multiple feeds to internet backbone providers. Our hosting customers are provided a facility that is First Class allowing them to deploy mission critical applications reliably. SBC projected that they could have 80% of their customer base DSL ready in five years in their Project Pronto initiative. Mesh.net was ready and able to provide service to those customers.
  • 1997 - Neurotech is acquired by Mesh.net moving us into the residential side of the internet access business. The customer base of Neurotech also extended our reach to the West, reaching out to Mineral Wells, Strawn, Eastland and the surrounding area.
  • 1997 - RJS Consulting becomes CompuTeam. As our customer base continued to grow so did our staff. The name change to CompuTeam was a reflection of this growth.
  • 1996 - Mesh.net Public use of the internet began to develop and our customers were demanding a business class of service. We searched for a partner to provide the level of support that we felt they deserved and could not find the consistency that we felt was adequate. Richard's background at ARRI included extensive use of the early internet, the collaboration between the government and academia. This experience proved invaluable in establishing an ISP to serve the growing needs of our customers.
  • 1994 - RJS Consulting is founded by Richard Strittmatter and Larry Strittmatter. Provided onsite support for a growing customer base primarily networks utilizing the Novell platform. Based in Richard's garage our crew met each morning and went from there to their first assingnment.


Richard Strittmatter developed his affinity for technology at an early age and spent his first years in the industry at ARRI, the Automation & Robotics Research Institute. He then went into the private sector working with a computer consulting firm based in Arlington, TX. As his thirst for independence grew it was clear that he would move on to his own company.

Larry Strittmatter (The Dad) has a long history of the same independence that shows up in Richard. Involved in several business he has always enjoyed the opportunities afforded working with the public. From an early start at automotive repair, through a chain of retail automotive parts and hardware stores to CompuTeam he has always been the face of the business, up front with the customer.

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Mesh.net Internet Services
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Fort Worth, Tx 76121-1787

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