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General Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get to my personal home page?
  2. Due to the current popularity of social media leading to a lack of use, as of 01/01/2013 we have retired our older home page server. Top
  3. How do I find out if my account is still active?
  4. To determine your account status, you may call a customer care representative at one of the toll free numbers here or send an email to support@mesh.net. To ensure recipient of quick response, please include your reply address in message. Top
  5. How do I reactivate my account?

  6. Call one of our Support Technicians at one of the toll free numbers here. Top
  7. What is my local dial-up Mesh•Access number?

  8. All local access numbers are listed here. Top
  9. How do I make Mesh.net my homepage?

  10. Internet Explorer 5 and 6: Click to open the Tools menu, select Internet Options and click again. Type http://www.mesh.net into the Address text box of the Home page section. Click OK.

    For Internet Explorer 4 Macintosh: Click to open the Edit menu and then click on Preferences. Click the Home/Search button in the list on the left of the dialog box. Click Use Default and then the Home button.

    For Internet Explorer 5 Macintosh: Click the "Explorer" menu and then click on Preferences. At the top, left corner you will see "Web browser". Click "display". On the right, type in http://www.mesh.net inside the "Home Page" area. Click "Automatically go to this Home Page when opening a new window.

    For Netscape Communicator Users: Click to open the Edit menu, click Preferences. Click the Home button in the Navigator Starts with section. Type http://www.mesh.net in the Location box. Click the Home button.

Email Accounts FAQ's

  1. Can I access my Mesh.net email when away from home?

  2. Yes, your email can be easily accessed simply by going to http://webmail.mesh.net/. Not only can mail be viewed from this location, you can send a message as well. Please only use the Mesh.net WebMail to access messages from a remote site. Use the mail program on your local machine as your main mail program. All mail that is 60 days old will be expired from the server. All mail read online will expire from the server after 20 days. We're sorry if this is an inconvenience, but these measures are necessary to keep the performance of the mail server at its peak. Top
  3. Why am I unable to connect to my mail server and retrieve messages?

  4. This is probably due to either a large mail message or a lot of messages that is generating a pop lock. This happens to dial up users whose connection speed cannot handle the mail download. When this lock activates you will need to close the mail program. It may be necessary to disconnect from the Internet during this time. The activated pop lock needs 10 full minutes of inactivity in order to reset. If the full 10 minutes is not given and you try accessing mail again, the pop lock will reactivate. After the wait period, reestablish your Internet connection MAKING SURE you do not open your mail program. Go to Webmail (http://webmail.mesh.net/index.php?theme=newlook) and look over mail from here. This is where your mail is stored (post office) before you connect and do a SEND\RECEIVE from your computer's mail program. Determine which message(s) may be causing the hang-up. There may be more than one page of messages to review. Delete or handle the message from this site before logging out. Now you should be able to download mail onto your computer. If you could not determine the cause of hangup or if you have too many messages stored up that would take much time to sift through, call our office and ask that we clear everything out. Top
  5. What can be done about all this spam mail I have been receiving?

  6. Mesh.net not only enforces, but demands a "no spam" policy. We protect our customers by providing each account a manageable filtering system. Each user has access and full control over their very own level of filtering. To access these settings go to http://mail.mesh.net/. Settings here are accessible anytime and changeable as often as needed. Top

Mesh•Access FAQ

  1. What features come with your basic residential dial up services?

  2. You get unlimited access to the internet with an email account. Top
  3. Do you service my location?

  4. To determine availability, try dialing the access # that is closest to your area. Do this like you are making a regular phone call without a preceding 1. If you receive a high pitched modem sound GIVE US A CALL!! Top
  5. Do I need to set my DNS and IP settings to connect to Mesh.net?

  6. You do not need to set the Domain Name Server (DNS) and the IP address inside of the TCP/IP settings to connect to Mesh.net. Top
  7. How do I earn FREE Internet Access?

  8. Current dial up customers who refer a new signup to Mesh.net will receive a free month of service. Our Rewards Team will credit your account ONLY after the new signup has paid their 1st invoice. What is great about this offer is that there is NO LIMIT to referrals. More referrals means more FREE SERVICE for you!! Top
  9. What if I have trouble with my connection?

  10. If you experience difficulties in connecting or in sending & receiving e-mail then we are here to help you. Free "live" phone support is another appreciated benefit for our customers. Top
  11. My computer is not working at this time, but it will be repaired. Should I cancel service during down period?

  12. Mesh.net will allow you to put your account on hold during times of "computer illnesses", going on vacation, or any other period that service will be temporarily inactive. Why pay for the service if you cannot access it? We will allow an account to be on hold under certain circumstances to prevent you from having to pay another set up fee to reinstate your account. Top
  13. How do I get set up with Mesh.net?

  14. Give us a call and a couple of minutes and CLICK you are on the net!! We send no one out to set up nor do we mail you any software to download. Top
  15. What is my user name?

  16. Your user name is the name used to log in to us. It is also the first part of your e-mail address. If mehere@mesh.net is your e-mail address then your user name is mehere. Top
  17. What is my password?

  18. Your password is entered along with user name when logging into the internet or e-mail as a security feature. If you have forgotten this info and it is not stored in your settings, then give us a call. We do not store this info for you , but we can change it to your discretion. Top
  19. I have already entered my login information. Why does the login screen keep coming up?

  20. Make sure you're entering info correctly by using all lower case characters. Is your CAPS LOCK on? You could have another connection active elsewhere. Maybe a family member is online at another location? If you feel the need for an additional dial up account, we offer these at a discounted rate. Still cannot login? Give our Support Team a call. Top
  21. I connected to Mesh.net by using the shortcut on my desktop then nothing happened. What do I do now?

  22. By using the "Shortcut to Mesh.net" icon on the desktop, this only establishes the connection. If you want to browse, then pull up your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN, etc.) If you are needing to check e-mail, then pull up your mail program (Outlook, Outlook Express, Pegasus, etc.). If you desire to connect to Mesh.net as soon as you pull up browser or mail program then give us a call and we will help you do so. Top
  23. Why does my computer dial and seem to connect to Mesh.net, but I can't go anywhere and I get a "No DNS Server" error message?

  24. You probably weren't able to connect to Mesh.net. Retry establishing a connection with us. Don't rely on your Internet software to connect for you. Do it yourself with your dialup networking connection (the "Connect to Mesh.net" box that starts the process of connection us). Be sure you see the "connect to Mesh.net" box with your username, password and the correct dialup number to Mesh.net is listed before your internet browser opens. Top
  25. My Computer dials and verifies username and password but is then cutoff from Mesh.net. Why?

  26. This is probably a TCP/IP problem. You might be logging on correctly using the dial-up adapter, but the language necessary to communicate on the Internet (i.e. TCP/IP) might be corrupt or absent. The very first thing to do is restart your computer and try connecting again. Most of the problems in the logon process are caused when the network computer and your computer aren't talking the same language. The "Dial-up Adapter" logs you onto the Mesh.net computer. "TCP/IP" is the "language" that is spoken on the Internet. If your computer does not "speak" these two "languages" correctly or fluently you will not be able to surf the Internet. If the problem persists check your Network settings. There are 3 components necessary for establishing a Mesh.net connection: a "Client for Microsoft Networks", a dial up adapter, and a "TCP/IP". If your network components are not complete call our office and we will step you through the process of adding them. Top

Mesh•Broadband Wireless FAQ

  1. What is Mesh Broadband Wireless?

  2. Mesh Broadband is high speed Internet access by way of wireless technology. Top
  3. How does broadband wireless work?

  4. By way of radio signals that broadcast a two-way Internet signal to customers from our tower site. The path between our tower and the customer radio must be clear of obstruction (houses, dense trees, hills, etc.). Top
  5. Why choose wireless?

  6. Wireless offers stable, high-speed Internet access to areas where other broadband options may not be possible. Have been turned down from the phone company because you are not in their required area? Are you tired of the abuse suffered from your cable company? Wireless access is the solution for you! Wireless technology can balance the maximum bandwidth between uploads and downloads. Top
  7. How do I know if service is available to me?

  8. See our coverage maps to determine availability. We currently have tower locations in Fort Worth, Aledo, and Hudson Oaks with more to come!! Wireless is a "line of sight" service, you'll need to know where our antenna is and if you have a clear view of it from your antenna's prospective location. Antennas can be placed anywhere you would like. It will easily mount on a roof, chimney, pole, or any other structure. The cable connection from the back of the computer to the antenna allows up to 300'. It is a power over Ethernet device so it's length is limited by the Ethernet. Top
  9. What kind of equipment is needed?

  10. The typical installation consists of an external antenna mounted to the eaves of your building or television antenna and radio device connected to your computer. For connection to a network, or situations where the antenna is far away from your computer there may be other equipment choices involved. If there are obstructions at your site you may need a higher mast or more powerful antenna. Our network engineers can evaluate those options at the time of the site survey.
  11. How much does the hardware cost?

  12. Basic installations may be as low as $199.00. Click in the Online Form for special pricing if available in your area. A basic installation consists of a wireless radio device, 50 feet antenna cable with connectors installed, one antenna with 10 ft. mast, and up to 2 hours labor for installation and configuration of the wireless equipment. Networking of PC's and locations with obstacles or at greater distances may require additional equipment and or labor. Additional equipment, cable lengths, higher gain antenna masts may increase the costs of your installation. Top
  13. How does the radio interface to my computer?

  14. The computer needs an Ethernet card and a cat. 5 Ethernet cable to connect to the radio. Your system is configured as if it were using a direct network connection to a LAN (local area network) with Internet access. Top
  15. Can I connect through a network hub?

  16. Yes, networks with more than 1 computer may require additional equipment such as a DSL firewall/router. Top
  17. How fast will it go?

  18. Our basic rate is 256k. This is up to 10 times faster than dial up depending on the quality of your phone lines. Speed is dependant on signal strength so for very long distances needing business class connections of 384k and greater, a higher gain antenna or amplifier may be required. Top
  19. Is there a limit to the amount of traffic I can send or receive?

  20. At this time there is no limit on data transfer. Typical Internet users transfer less than 500MB per month. As our network grows we may be placing a 1GB per month limit on residential accounts. Additional data transfer will then be billed at $10 per extra 100MB. Business accounts are allowed unlimited data transfer. Top
  21. Can I run servers on this connection?

  22. Yes. Clients wishing to resell services over a wireless link will need to pay for that ability. The running of servers of any kind is prohibited in our basic wireless access plans. Top
  23. How big are the antenna units?

  24. A typical client antenna is a small grid dish about 10" high and 15" wide. Our largest antenna is 24" high and 36" wide. Top

Mesh•Broadband DSL FAQ

  1. What is DSL Broadband?

  2. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) provides a high speed broadband connectivity through your phone line. DSL, as opposed to dial up access, allows you to talk on the phone and surf the Internet all at one time. There is no "dialing up" necessary to connect. With DSL, you are ALWAYS ON!! No need for that extra phone line for the computer. What used to take hours to download now takes minutes, even seconds, with DSL Internet Service. Get large multimedia files, graphics files, documents, and e-mails almost instantly from the Internet. Top
  3. Is my monthly telephone bill included with my DSL charges?

  4. No, your DSL connection wil use your existing phone line, but your phone service will still be provided by your phone company. Your regular monthly telephone service charges are not included in Mesh.net DSL service charges. Top
  5. How fast is a DSL connection?

  6. Really fast!!!! DSL service provides connection speeds that are up to 70 times faster based on the average speed between a 28.8k modem and a 56k modem. Top
  7. What equipment is needed?

  8. Basic residential DSL requires a DSL modem, line filters, NIC card (if necessary), and an Ethernet cable. You may purchase the equipment package (containing all needed supplies) from our office. Top
  9. What are my installation options?

  10. You have two options: Customer Self Install- you install the equipment & software. Mesh Tech Install- we send a technician out to install the equipment & software. Most customers prefer the self install. Not only is it cheaper, but it is simple. We provide easy to follow and understand instructions. If you experience installation problems, you may call us for support. Top
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